Violent attacks against Trump supporters increasing

Despotic political movements always have resorted to violence when the mood has suited them. And it seems they’re often in the mood. They cannot tolerate those with opposing views and will do whatever it takes to shut them down.

It’s the communist (and Islamist) way.

So it should come as no surprise that attacks against Trump supporters have become commonplace. Despite this sickening reality, media coverage rationalizes these attacks (often blaming Trump and his supporters for the hell that is heaped on them), if there is any coverage at all.

Most recently, over the weekend Trump supporters attending a fundraiser in Minneapolis had to pass through a mass of violent leftists who pressed in on people and tried to block access to the building. The protestors shouted through bullhorns and verbally harassed people. They chased people down. They spray painted obscenities on the convention center walls. They punched, beat, and spit on people. They banged and jumped on people’s cars. They blocked traffic. They tried to block Trump’s motorcade, with reports that protestors were able to close in and beat on his car. Some donors had to leave through alternative exists and be escorted to their vehicles by the police because the threat was so great.

And as is predictable at these scenes where human beings behave like rabid dogs, protestors burned the American flag.

Michelle Bachmann, who attended the fundraiser, said the mob was running in a wild frenzy, targeting Trump supporters as well as the police, screaming “F*** the police! F*** the police!”

Some media reports noted that the protestors who were gathered at the outset were later infiltrated by a smaller group who became violent, attacking Trump donors as they were exiting the building. But from the videos I saw, the mob seemed unruly from the outset.

It’s a frightening time in America. Threading the needle this November may be our last chance to attempt to resuscitate our nation. I don’t write that to sound dramatic. I just think it’s the truth.

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Hat tip: Breitbart