Violent attacks against Trump supporters continue apace

Although leftists possess adult bodies, developmentally they are frozen in time somewhere between childhood and adolescence.  So when someone doesn’t agree with them, they get frustrated, angry, and rather agitated, with a tendency to behave like unruly children.

It isn’t pretty.  And sometimes it’s downright dangerous.

This propensity to yell, scream, shout down, pump fists, pound feet, lie, steal, and attack is on display just about every day in this presidential election cycle as Trump supporters are maligned (at best) and physically assaulted (at worst).  Here’s a by no means exhaustive list of some of this madness on display.

Worthy of note, Trump supporters who have been victims of violence are often framed by the media (and sometimes the police) as being suspect in some way, as if they brought the violence on themselves.

Did you say anything as you were leaving the building?  Why were you videotaping the protests?  This is the kind of questions being asked of victims of assault – assault perpetrated by various sub-groups of the big tent that is the Democratic Party, such as Hispanics waving Mexican flags and burning American flags (don’t even get me started on that one), Bernie supporters, and others.

The video montage (here) will give you an overview of the madness being leveled against Trump supporters across the country.  This is Obama’s America in living color, blood and all.

What follows is a breakdown of events that further highlights how Trump supporters are being targeted and attacked.

San Jose, California

Trump supporters were hunted down and physically attacked.  Objects were thrown at them, including a heavy bag thrust at a man’s head causing a major gash.  An elderly woman in a wheelchair had her glasses ripped off her face and crushed.  Several people were punched.  A young woman was pelted with eggs while the angry mob screamed in her face.  A teenage girl was attacked and denied help by the fire department. And on and on went the mayhem as no police protection was provided.  (Articles here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, with videos here, here, here, and here.)

Fourteen victims have filed a class action lawsuit claiming that their First Amendment rights were violated.

Costa Mesa, California

A Trump supporter was viciously attacked and bloodied by a mob.  As previously noted, the victim was framed by the media as a potential instigator as they queried him about why he was videotaping the protests – as if doing such a thing would, naturally, cause others to physically assault you and they might even be justified in doing so.  (Here and here.)

West Hollywood, California

At a Trump rally, eggs, dog feces, and a canned drink were thrown at supporters.  The heavy can hit one person in the back of the head.  After the rally, some Trump supporters (many of whom were gay) were attacked in a Mexican restaurant.  Initially, the restaurant refused to serve them, and things escalated from there as patrons threw food and drinks at them while leveling verbal insults.  One man’s cell phone was ripped from his hands and hurled to the ground while other people got punched.  One individual was grabbed so hard there were claw marks left on his neck.  And as a side note, lunatic West Hollywood has officially banned Trump from entering the city (here, here, and here).

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Clinton supporter approached a group of Trump supporters, pulled out an American flag, and set it on fire.  The Trump supporters tried to put out the fire, with one elderly gentleman concerned that, among other things, the flag had been doused with accelerant.  The Clinton supporter threw the man to the ground and attempted to jump on him.  The elderly gentlemen is facing charges (here and here).

Chicago, Illinois

Organized protests were such a threat that a Trump rally had to be canceled for the safety of those who would attend (here and here).

Violence is being leveled against Trump supporters in other ways as well.  One need not attend a rally to be targeted.

Gainesville, Virginia

After an elderly woman posted Trump signs in her yard, they were stolen.  But that was only the beginning.  Someone parked his car outside her house and shined his headlights into her home for an extended period of time.  Her house has also been spray-painted with messages like “revolution” and “can you see the new world through the tear gas.”  She’s also receiving death threats (here and here).

More examples nationwide

Other noteworthy news includes a comic book that features Trump being beheaded, a gay GOP activist being removed from his post at an AIDS foundation because he supports Trump, and a Trump supporter having vile accusations spray-painted on the street where she lives, such as “KKK,” “Nazi scum,” and “f--- Trump.”  Meanwhile, across the country vandals are stealing Trump signs.  (Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

Predictably, leftists seem to have little problem with what is going on.  And why would they?  They are the ones orchestrating it.  The HuffPo, for example, published a blog that defended the right for people to attack Trump supporters (here).

God help us all.  Do your part every day.  It’s not enough to plan to vote for Donald Trump.  We must educate others, volunteer for the campaign, and help get out the vote.  The hour is late, and time is running out.  As it is, the Democrats are automatically within striking distance of winning enough electoral college votes to win the presidency.  Couple that with massive voter fraud the party engages in, and we have an uphill battle to climb.  But climb it we must.

(To read and listen to some excellent commentary on the topic of violence against Trump supporters, see here and here.  And on the other end of the spectrum, to watch a video montage of how the media protects Hillary Clinton, see here.)

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