Trump’s one-word answer to a trending question on Twitter

As Breitbart reports, it’s been 259 days since Hillary Clinton’s held a press conference. In response to her rather protracted-with-no-end-in-sight absence from any setting where she might be challenged with a serious question, Twitter lit up with a simple query about the evasive candidate” “#WheresHillary?”

On Saturday, it was the #1 trending hashtag.

In response to the question as to Clinton’s whereabouts and activities, Trump sent out a tweet of his own: “#WheresHillary? Sleeping!!!!!”


And as a bonus, here’s a clip of Trump speaking in Florida where he talks about Hillary’s sleeping habits.

And as a double bonus, here’s a clip of Hillary Clinton falling asleep during an Obama speech.

OK. One more. Here’s Bill Clinton falling asleep during Hillary speech’s speech at the DNC convention. (There’s one more variation, here.)

Alright. Last one. Here’s a clip of the Mr. and Mrs. Clinton who appear to be a sleeping duo during George W. Bush’s eloquent eulogy at Ronald Reagan’s funeral.

There’s not a single good thing one can say about the Clintons. Not a one. They must be exposed at every turn. And mocked.