Trump wasn't a racist when he contributed to Democrats

During the primary reason, Mr. Trump was often attacked by the others on the stage for having contributed to Democrats over the years.  We remember Senator Cruz for this:

Donald Trump has consistently financed the campaigns of some of the most liberal politicians in the country[.] ... California is perhaps one of the more egregious examples. From supporting high taxes and heavy regulation to amnesty and sanctuary cities, the top three officials in California have been a disaster for the state. A number of qualified Republican candidates ran to fix California’s problems, but Trump decided to back liberal Democrats against them.

I am not trying to fight the primary all over again.  I am simply demonstrating the hypocrisy of those Democrats who have suddenly discovered that Mr. Trump is a racist.

The Clinton Foundation received at least $105,000 from Trump – money not returned!

Trump may have funded Planned Parenthood, too, although we won't know for sure until tax returns are released.

And he gave to other Democrats, as Rolling Stone wrote last spring:

An examination of Trump's donations since 1998 reveals that the bulk of Trump's political largesse has gone to politicians in places where he does business — like Florida, where he long supported disgraced politico Mark Foley; Nevada, where he's given $9,400 to Democratic Sen. Harry Reid over the years; and of course New York, where notables like Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and Anthony Weiner have all received Trump dough.

Again, I understand Trump's logic here.  He was donating to people in places where he did business.  Nothing shocking about that.

My problem is that none of these Democrats has returned the money, especially now that the Clinton campaign is targeting Trump for racism, sexism, and whatever other "ism" is out there.

Someone, especially Mrs. Clinton or President Obama, should call on Democrats to return and disassociate themselves from any Trump money.

As I said, no one called him a racist when he contributed to Democrats.  It proves once again that the word "racist" these days has nothing to do with race.   

Calling someone a racist in our political landscape means two things:

1) He is a GOP candidate.

2) And more importantly, the Democrat using the word "racist" does not want to talk about serious issues, such as black unemployment (8.4%), Democrat leaders sending their kids to private schools or the state of the very weak U.S. economy (GDP 1.1%).

Memo to Democrats: return Trump's money, or we will continue to call hypocrisy!

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