Trump shames Obama into going to Louisiana

After enduring nearly a week of questions about why the president was not going to visit the flood-ravaged areas of Louisiana, the Martha's Vineyard White House announced that the president would drop by Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

Is it coincidence that Donald Trump called out the president for not showing solidarity with the victims of the flooding less than 24 hours earlier and paid his own visit to the disaster areas?

The connection is inescapable.

Here's the statement by the president:

While in Martha's Vineyard, the President has received updates on the situation in Louisiana, including from the DHS Secretary and the FEMA Administrator, who took separate trips there. The President today directed his team to coordinate with Louisiana officials to determine an appropriate time for him to visit, and together they have determined that the President will visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday, August 23rd. Additional details will be announced in the coming days. The President is mindful of the impact that his travel has on first responders and wants to ensure that his presence does not interfere with ongoing recovery efforts. He is also eager to get a first-hand look at the impact of the devastating floods, hear from more officials about the response, including how the federal government can assist and tell the people of Louisiana that the American people will be with them as they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever.

And what did Senator Obama have to say about the response of President Bush to the Katrina disaster?

"Indeed," he said, "if there's any bright light that has come out of this disaster, it's the degree to which ordinary Americans have responded with speed and determination even as their government has responded with unconscionable ineptitude."

Campaigning for president a few years later, he slammed Bush for flying Air Force One over the floods. "We can talk about what happened for two days in 2005 and we should. We can talk about levees that couldn't hold, a FEMA that seemed not just incompetent but paralyzed and powerless, about a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground."

For him, the president couldn't go because it would interfere with first responders, but for President Bush, a double standard.  Amazing that the mainstream media hasn't picked up on the hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's visit raised the spirits of victims and will probably lead to a big jump in donations to the Red Cross and disaster relief agencies.

Fox News:

The Republican presidential nominee, with running mate Mike Pence at his side, stopped at the home of Jimmy and Olive Gordan in Denham Springs, where the couple was still sweeping out floodwaters from their home. A ruined couch, chair and bedroom furniture were piled on their lawn, and Jimmy Gordan told Trump he spent his 79th birthday on the roof of his house.

"I just don't know what we'll do," the man told Trump.

"You're going to rebuild,” Trump told him as the two hugged. “It's going to be so beautiful."

Trump and Pence received a warm reception as they toured a heavily-damaged portion of East Baton Rouge Parish. A crowd of supporters near a local Baptist church where volunteers have gathered to feed flood victims cheered the pair.

"Thank you for coming, Mr. Trump," one woman screamed.

"We knew you would be here for us!" another shouted.

The candidate also met with Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. Perkins own home was flooded. The prominent Christian conservative says he wants Trump to "let the country know" about the extent of the damage.

And what of Mrs. Clinton?  She is reportedly at home "resting."  But she expended a little energy by picking up the phone:

Clinton called Gov. John Bel Edwards to discuss the relief effort, and posted on Facebook that her "heart breaks for Louisiana."

But Clinton said visiting the state amid the damage and ongoing relief effort would be a "distraction."

The shameless, hypocritical double standard employed by the media when it comes to the actions of Democrats and Republicans has never been clearer. 

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