Trump might restore one kind of free speech

The conservative opinionverse is filled with reasons to vote for or against Trump or Hillary, but there are considerations I don't see mentioned.  I might have overlooked them.

It isn't hard to find opinions of the "he's better than Hillary" variety and its converse.  Some people think he will make more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court (or any other position) than Hillary.  Some conservatives disagree.  Maybe they simply fear having Trump be the poster child for the conservative "brand."

I fall into the "no guarantee what Trump will do" camp.  I don't think that's all bad, as it leaves room for him to be more conservative than most people expect.  And if he's less conservative, another Obama clone, it's no worse than getting Hillary.  And she'll never be the slightest bit conservative.

However, there is something to be said for a president whose own party doesn't like him.  Congress won't back him in further imperializing the executive branch.  His own party feels no allegiance, and the other party wouldn't want him to get any credit for anything that the other party thinks is good.  If he (or she) behaves badly enough, both parties will be throwing around the I-word: impeachment.  There might even be a conviction.  Although if the vice president seems even less agreeable to both parties, perhaps the Senate will look for a different approach.  Certainly there will be no one claiming that criticism of the president is racist or any other -ist, or unpatriotic, or undesirable in any way.

It might be the four best years we've had in decades, where P.C. takes a back seat to free speech.

Go read the articles on how Trump, the businessman, will help the economy or improve national security.  I hope he can, and does.  Hillary won't.  Congress might try to block all Trump's ideas, and it will be up to us to hammer our representatives, House or Senate, to vote the way we want, not to "vote their conscience."  An individual private citizen can do as seems best.  An elected representative has an ethical responsibility to represent his constituents.  We are electing proxies, not nannies and shepherds.

I will probably vote for Trump.  Once, anyway.