Trump is winning the t-shirt poll

We hear daily reports of polls showing Hillary Clinton in the lead for president.  I find it hard to believe that anyone with common sense and love of our country would vote for Hillary, given her record. 

We are vacation at the Jersey shore, where I have discovered a new poll.  The t-shirt shops at the boardwalk on Wildwood and Ocean City are usually on top of the latest popular culture favorites and non-favorites.

The only Hillary shirt says "Hillary for Prison-2016."

I saw only one sort of unfavorable Trump shirt that made fun of his comb-over hairstyle, but it was more humorous than insulting.

But I saw at least seven favorable Trump shirts.  One had Trump on a Harley Davidson; one had Trump with an S superman sign on his chest; another had Trump with the saying "Make America Great Again."  The Trump shirts portrayed Trump favorably, while the only Hillary shirt recommend prison, which is what FBI director Comey took a dive on.

This shows Hillary is viewed as a crook while Trump is viewed as strong on national security.

Hillary cannot shake the view that she is a crook because she is a crook, and even those who will vote for her know she is a crook.

Prediction: Trump will win the election.  He is winning the popular culture war – not reported by the wing of the Democratic Party known as the mainstream media.

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