The Olympic competition everyone notices but few discuss

As the Olympics build to their climax and rivet the attention of Americans, as a red-blooded male, I can't help but notice that our team is being significantly outclassed by their Russians counterparts in one obvious but unmentionable category: feminine beauty.

As proof of such, check out several stock photos of Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova and long jumper Darya Klishina.  It's noteworthy that a Google search of their images features both of them in glamorous poses that emphasize their feminine allure.  These are no cheesecake bimbo shots, mind you, but classy formal portraits with Klishina in evening dress and Efimova wearing a crucifix.  Clearly these are world-class athletes who wish to be known and appreciated for their class and beauty, as well as their athletic prowess.

I could find no such comparable images when Googling America's leading female athletes.  OK, I get it – this is an athletic competition, not a beauty contest.  And yet I can't help thinking there's something deeper going on here, reflecting on the "inversion of values" that is happening between America and Russia.  After suffering under seven decades of an inhuman communist ideology that suppressed and perverted their deepest natural desires, the Russians, having thrown off this totalitarian yoke, are now free to express their eminently human yearnings.  For healthy young women, this means wanting to present themselves as attractive to men.

America, on the other hand, is sinking deeper and deeper into the neo-Marxist gulag of political correctness, where a cardinal orthodoxy is that a woman exists first and foremost for herself and her professional accomplishments; the more aggressive and traditionally male, the better.  Under such a regime, accomplished and physically attractive women run the risk of unleashing the baying P.C. furies should they dare to present themselves as too femininely attractive – i.e., too appealing to men.

One can already hear the indictment being drawn up and read to the mob should anyone stray off the reservation and go Klishina: "You, comrade female athletes, stand accused and convicted of glamor-shaming, beauty-shaming reactionary elitist pandering to the regressive objectivizing fetishes of the hegemonic male patriarchy.  Off with your pretty empty heads!"