The new pronouns in one easy lesson

As reported earlier this week at American Thinker, using the wrong pronoun can get you in trouble:

At West Virginia University, if you use anything but a "gender neutral" pronoun you could be in violation of federal law, according to guidelines issued by the school's Title IX office.

Instead of using "he or she," students and faculty will be forced to use "ve, ver, or vis."

Beyond "ve, ver, and vis," we also have new gender-neutral pronouns such as zie, zim, zir; sie and hir; ey, em, and eir; per, persand perself; xe, xem, xyr, xyrs, xemself, and many more in order to accommodate the anywhere from thirty-one (31) gender options identified by New York City's experts to the fifty-eight (58) gender options identified by Facebook.

In order to help ordinary folks keep up with the quickly evolving and often perplexing world of genderless pronouns, here is a helpful two-minute presentation by three renowned university professors at a recent women's studies colloquium:

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