The lunatic leftist lexicon has jumped the shark

It’s not news that the left has been taking control of language for quite some time.  And when you control language, you control an awful lot.  Which they do, and they do.

Yesterday, Rick Moran wrote a blog post about a recent slice of verbal lunacy, reporting on a university that disallows the use of such incredibly offensive, politically incorrect, outdated, insensitive, triggering words as (sit down and take a breath, because this language may shock you): “he” and “she.”

In order to fill the void, “he” and “she” have been replaced with “ve,” “ver,” or “vis.”

(Primal scream!)

In a similar vein, Breitbart reports that teachers at an elementary school in New Mexico are no longer allowed to refer to their students as “boy” and “girls.”

Teachers at Carlos Rey Elementary School in Albuquerque, NM are now being told they can no longer address their students as “boys and girls,” local NBC affiliate KOB reports.

This comes after the new transgender bathroom policy for Albuquerque Public Schools, but it is now leaking into the classroom.

A letter was sent to teachers at Carlos Rey this month titled “Gender Identity Procedural Directive.” It tells teachers they can no longer refer to their students as boys and girls, and they are to eliminate gender in their classrooms.

Albuquerque Public Schools say it was a complete mistake by the assistant principal because nowhere in their transgender policy does it say to not call students boys and girls.

Sources at Carlos Rey Elementary told KOB to continue with that policy.

To call this madness would be an understatement.  And when you listen to the local news report (here), there’s so much focus on whether or not teachers were, in fact, told to avoid using “boys” and “girls” that lost in the shuffle was the fact that we have something called “transgender” bathrooms in our schools!  Transgender is about as real as a Palestinian.  It’s a fabricated term intended to give credence to that which is not factually credible.  You cannot become the opposite sex, hard as one deeply disturbed person may try.

When I read about insanity like this (which is unfolding across America every minute of every day, taking shape in all manner of ways), I often recall KGB defector Yuri Besmenov’s warning to America.  If you’ve never listened to him, I highly recommend it.  A relatively short clip can be found here, and you will find many more on YouTube.

This nation is being taken down, covertly and overtly, in big ways and small, across the full spectrum of our society.  We are in a fight for our lives, for our nation.  There isn’t one magic thing any of us can do on any given day.  But, without a doubt, our voices must be heard on Election Day, and preferably before, by working for the Trump campaign and helping to get out the vote.  If we win, it will be a critical step in the right direction.  And we're quickly running out of steps as the fascist future looms on the horizon.

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