Swedish authorities ask residents to give up their country homes for refugees

Authorities in Norrtälje, Sweden are asking residents with country homes to give them up for newly arrived refugees.

Isn't it fun to be a socialist?


The area’s director of social services, Ali Rashidi, told Svenska Dagbladet: “We thought that there are certainly many houses and rooms that can be rented out for the winter. We like many other municipalities have housing needs”.

Mr. Rashidi explained that householders would let houses to the migrants themselves, with ordinary rental contracts. He assured the Swedish newspaper that the municipality would step in, if necessary, to make sure rent is paid in full.

“Most of the people are well-behaved. Besides, refugees get establishment support from the Employment Service, so should have enough to pay the rent,” Mr. Rashidi said.

Asked about homeowners’ fears that migrants with “social problems” could misuse their properties, Mr. Rashidi said officials will act to match up appropriate landlords and tenants.

On Friday, migrants protested against the newly built modular housing in which they live. Around 30 of them marched to Norrtälje’s social services department 

 almost half of those who have moved in.

Mitt i reported one of the protesters as saying: “We had a meeting the day before and decided that we do not want to continue living under these conditions.”

According to the department, those marching felt “misled” over the accommodation as they had expected to be given their own permanent apartments rather than sharing a kitchen with other migrants.

The migrants’ representatives warned that disappointment over housing issues had led some of the men protesting to experience depression and even suicidal thoughts.

Sweden’s generous asylum and migration policies have led to chronic housing shortages over the decade. The nation of under 10 million people admitted over 160,000 non-EU migrants last year, exacerbating the problem.Swedish public housing organisation SABO reports that almost half a million new homes must be built in the country just to meet demand.

Incredible.  The good people of Sweden go to the trouble and expense of constructing housing for these refugees, and they demand an upgrade because they have to use a communal kitchen?  How many of these refugees have even seen a modern kitchen, much less indoor plumbing? 

Becoming depressed and suicidal over kitchen accomodations calls into question the mental health of the refugees and how easily they might be turned by ISIS or al-Qaeda. 

Caving into the demands of ungrateful people is taking the idea of humanitarianism a step too far.  The refugees should be told to take what's so generously given them or offer them a one-way ticket back to whatever hellhole they crawled out of.

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