Soros son Alexander dined with Hillary running mate Kaine

Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along. 

The son of George Soros, Alexander G. Soros, posted on Instagram that he had dinner with Tim Kaine, running mate of Hillary Clinton (hat tip: Breitbart):


To save progressives the trouble, let me berate the idea that there is any significance to this at all.

Why would Hillary Clinton, well aware of the security risks of electronic communications, need to set up a secure face-to-face encounter using cut-outs that can be trusted?  Just because Wikileaks revealed that Soros can call the shots with State Department policy toward a foreign country, there is no reason to wonder if he has any other suggestions for Hillary to implement.  As Obama would say, “not a smidgen” of evidence.

The young Soros is quite the chip off his old man’s block when he tries to look serious for a portrait:

Photo by Nathalie SchullerMoran Wright at en.wikipedia

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