Some things in life are complicated. This isn’t one of them.

The Center for Immigrations Studies (CIS) has released an estimate of the number of Muslim “immigrants” we can expect in the first term of a Clinton presidency.  Wanna take a guess at the number?

About a million.

And that’s just the beginning.  It gets worse.  Much worse.

Consider this: once they’ve arrived at our shores, our new little friends from Islamic lands can bring family members to join them, which means that for every one initially admitted, eight more may be brought over.

Then you’ve got high birth rates to factor in, whereby Muslims propagate at a rate that surpasses most, if not all, demographic groups in America.

So that cool million swells to millions and millions in a few short years.  And that’s on top of the numbers who are already here.  We’re not starting at zero.

When looking more broadly at immigration trends under a Clinton presidency, CIS paints another bleak picture: 10 million immigrants in Clinton’s first term.  And that doesn’t include the amnesty she wants to give to the at least 11 million who are already here illegally, primarily from Mexico and Central America.  (To read more about this utterly depressing but important analysis, see here.)

Not only does massive immigration dilute our culture, but it ensures that the left will retain power indefinitely.

And as long as we’re talking about immigration, including Muslim immigration (aka colonization), how long does anyone think it will be before a president Clinton would decide that we need a wise Muslima sitting on the Supreme Court?  When that happens, creeping sharia will take an enormous leap forward as our nation takes another crushing blow backward.

The issue of immigration is so enormous that it could rightfully be the central driving force behind how one votes in this election.

Some things in life are complicated.  How to vote in this election isn’t.  Let’s not mess this up.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, we may never gain control of the White House again.  She will ensure that via immigration alone (the progressive’s hijra), Democrats will be assured of power in perpetuity.

This election may be our last best chance to begin the process of reversing the fundamental transformation of America.

Hat tips: Breitbart, Conservative Review

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