PC out. EC in.

CNN commentator Sally Kohn is a leftist piece of work.  As such, her idiocy deserves to be exposed and mocked.  So here we go. As I wrote earlier, Kohn appears to have no problem with sharia law.  A Jewish (at least technically) lesbian who sees no problem with sharia law is a fool.  And since her breathless tweet early this week about sharia, she’s continued to dig in with more ignorant tweets, such as her passionate question for Trump on Thursday as to whether or not he cares about misrepresenting 1.6 billion people. There’s nothing like a lesbian Jew going to bat for a holy book that mandates world domination, with a special hatred for certain groups in particular, such as women, Jews, and homosexuals.  Sally, my dear, that would be you, you, and you. But I digress. After delving into her Islamophilia, I got curious just how foolish she was and discovered that her stupidity runs pretty deep. A couple of years ago, Kohn...(Read Full Post)