Olympic boxer from Morocco arrested for sexual assault

Hassan Saada, a boxer from Morocco who was slated to fight his first bout on Saturday, has been accused of sexually assaulting two women earlier this week, pinning one of them against a wall, trying to kiss her, squeezing one of her breasts, and making obscene hand gestures.

Yahoo News reports that, per Brazilian law, Saada will be detained for 15 days while the alleged incident is investigated.  Meanwhile, he’s been kicked out of the Olympics.

Here’s a thought: if, while a person is a guest in a host country, it’s confirmed that he sexually assaulted a woman (or committed any crime, for that matter), that person should be ejected immediately.  Sent back to his home country post haste.  Good-bye.  End of story.

Of course, Saada fits right into Rio norms when it comes to sexual assault and rape.  Breitbart reports that a few days ago, a female firefighter working at the Olympic Village was raped by a Brazilian security guard.

Apparently rape is common in Brazil, and Rio is the rape capital.  It’s estimated that twelve people are raped every two hours in Rio.  And while women and girls are the prime target, men are also victims of sexual assault, as when a jiu-jitsu champion was kidnapped and groped by some police officers.

Breitbart further reports:

In addition to rape, Rio de Janeiro is home to a variety of criminal organizations and suffers from a high rate of incidents of violent crime. In July, officials were forced to respond to the international community’s alarm at a series of cases of stray bullets killing local residents who were unknowingly too close to a gunfight. “That’s how Rio is,” lamented the nation’s Secretary of Public Security José Mariano Beltrame.

And so, last month, two Paralympians from Australia were mugged in the middle of the day.  Plenty of people were around, but no one stepped in to help.

Sadly, this was not an isolated incident, as other athletes are being mugged.  And should they choose to seek care at the hospital designated for them, they may discover more woes, as the hospital has also been targeted for crime.

The situation is so bad that Brazilian athletes warned their peers: “You’ll be putting your life at risk here.”

Who were the knuckleheads who came up with the idea to hold the Olympics in Rio, a filthy hellhole of a city riddled with crime, and why in the world would any civilized country sign on for this?