Obama's news conference: Everything wrong with Democrats, encapsulated

In President Obama's news conference, he was correct that so many young people going to prison has devastated communities, but he fails to recognize that many of the policies that he and the Democrats advocate contribute greatly to the problem.

The anti-poverty Great Society programs from the 1960s contributed greatly to the breakup of families, especially minority families.  The majority of minority children are born out of wedlock, and single parenthood is the greatest indicator of who will end up in poverty and dependent on government.  Democrats generally want to expand these programs, even with their terrible results.  It helps greatly to have two parents as role models.

Also, it is generally Democrats who block big box stores from building in inner cities.  This takes away opportunities for inner-city youth to start moving up the economic ladder.  This causes teens and young adults to be on the street more or join gangs, and this causes more young people to commit crimes and end up in prison.

Now Democrats want to massively increase the minimum wage which, along with other costly regulations like Obamacare, further takes away opportunities.  Why would anyone think that is a good idea when minority and inner-city unemployment is already so high and the labor participation rate is at a 38-year low?

President Obama also uses economists who will idiotically say food stamps and unemployment benefits give the economy more bang for the buck than allowing businesses and individuals to keep more of their money to spend, save and invest throughout the economy.  How possibly can taking money from businesses and individuals, running it through a government bureaucracy, and then redistributing a smaller amount be more fruitful than letting 100% multiply throughout the economy?

Government spending has consistently been up 50% versus what it was in 2007, debt is up $9 trillion, and we have the slowest economic recovery since 1949.  The results show that Obama's and the Democratic theory is wrong.

The president also will not enforce borders or existing immigration laws, which also reduces opportunities.

Democrats also pledge to get rid of fossil fuels, which will raise costs and further reduce good paying jobs, and the Democrats are doing it based on inaccurate, manipulated computer models, not actual facts.

As for terrorism, President Obama says his policies have made the world safer, but actual statistics show that in 2015, around 28,000 died worldwide in terrorist attacks.  In 2008, there were fewer than 16,000.  That does not sound safer to me.

In 2011, President Obama pulled the last troops out of Iraq, leaving a vacuum for ISIS and other terrorist groups to fill.  Then he has always announced his timeline in Afghanistan, which has allowed the Taliban to get stronger.

President Obama's Iran deal, which he lied to get done and which he calls a tremendous agreement, gives the biggest worldwide sponsor of terrorist groups access to hundreds of billions of dollars, of which a great deal will be used to spread terror.  That makes the world more dangerous, not safer.  Handing them $400 million in obvious ransom also made the world less safe for Americans.

Then, showing how thin-skinned and vengeful Obama is, the Obama administration spent $350,000 trying to defeat Isreali prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his re-election bid in 2015.  Netanyahu is one of our strongest allies, and he campaigned loudly against the Iran deal.  Why would we want a country that pledges death to America and death to Israel to get stronger?

President Obama always says his policies are correct and blames others when things go wrong.  He is certainly arrogant, but his policies have been weak. 

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