Obama warns Louisiana officials not to discriminate with disaster relief

He had to be shamed into visiting flooded areas of the state, but that hasn't stopped the president from lecturing Louisiana officials about not discriminating when handing out disaster relief.

Washington Times:

In a 16-page guidance issued Tuesday, the Obama administration, led by the Justice Department, warned Louisiana recipients of federal disaster assistance against engaging in “unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).”

The guidance’s frameworks “highlight the importance of complying with nondiscrimination requirements of civil rights statutes, addressing the needs of the whole community, and ensuring equal opportunity to access recovery efforts.”

People can't get potable water or food or medicine, but by the gods, they will have to comply with a 16-page "Guidance" or face the wrath of Obama.

Needless to say, some Louisiana residents were offended, including the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher, who took umbrage at receiving an anti-discrimination lecture from Washington, D.C., as locals struggle to rescue, house and feed their neighbors.

“[E]verywhere you look you can find black folks and white folks loving on each other, helping each other through this crisis,” Mr. Dreher said in a Thursday post.

He referred to the guidance as a “long bureaucratic memo” issued by the “Department of Justice and many other agencies of the executive branch overseen by He Who Cannot Be Troubled to Leave Martha’s Vineyard.”

The administration guidance cited instances of discrimination in Gulf Coast states after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005, such as “numerous media reports [that] showed images of African Americans stranded on roofs in New Orleans.”

“These images exposed significant inequalities in access to emergency response and recovery efforts,” said the guidance.

The memo also cited an ad aimed at evacuees saying that the renter preferred “two white females.”

Mr. Dreher said such discrimination is wrong and Louisianans need to “own our mistakes,” but that residents knee-deep in rescue efforts don’t appreciate being painted with the administration’s broad brush.

He quoted an email from a local named Jimmy who said, “Not many things get me seething, but this does,” calling Obama administration officials “dividers instead of uniters.”

The rescuers who are being cited by the memo who failed to get black people off their roofs during Katrina were a tad busy at that time – rescuing people from drowning.  There were also white people stranded on their roofs or trapped in their houses, and to make the claim that a few clips of black people on their roofs constitutes "proof" of racism is ignorant and an affront to rational thought.

Just go back to your golf game, Mr. President.  The real people can easily manage without your interference.