Obama snubs Hillary fundraisers on Martha’s Vineyard

In a dramatic snub, President and Mrs. Obama stayed away from multiple Hillary Clinton fundraisers yesterday on 87.5-square-mile Martha’s Vineyard, where they were wrapping up their family vacation.  A lot of people noticed, including the U.K. Daily Mail’s Alana Goodman.

President Obama was a no-show at a flurry of fundraisers hosted by Hillary Clinton just a few miles from where he was staying at a beachfront vacation rental in Martha's Vineyard over the weekend.

Clinton arrived at Martha's Vineyard with her husband, Bill, over the weekend – purportedly to celebrate Bill's 70th birthday, but also to attend a series of high-dollar fundraisers for her presidential campaign.

But Obama, who has been vacationing on the posh island with his wife and kids for the past two weeks, skipped the Hillary events to relax at the beach, take in a fireworks show, and enjoy a meal with his wife.

One of the events skipped was hosted by a Hillary supporter who is all but Obama’s sworn enemy:

One of the Clinton fundraisers took place at the home of Obama nemesis Lady [Lynn] de Rothschild, who owns a stunning estate on the island. 

Rothschild, who is married to French-British banking heir Sir Evelyn de Rosthchild, has previously denounced Obama as a 'loser' who was 'going to bankrupt America.'

 She has also disparaged Obama by suggesting that he had no qualifications and was elected based on his race.

'The fact of [Obama's] personal story of being half black and all that is a wonderful, inspiriting story,' said Rothschild in 2011, while supporting Republican John Huntsman's 2012 presidential bid. 'But it doesn't qualify him to be president.'

There may be a bit of Obama-Clinton bad blood on display here.  President Obama needs her to win in order to preserve his legacy.  But it is not a posture that fits his actual feelings toward her.  That inner conflict is capable of producing some interesting or amusing words and actions by Obama.  Snubbing Hillary enabled him to do something (snub her) without actually taking any overt action.  Doing nothing, of course, is what Obama does best.