#NeverTrump’s favorite Gary Johnson endorses #BlackLivesMatter

Despite his goofy appearance and fondness for recreational pot, Gary Johnson seemed like a safe vehicle for virtue signaling among Republicans and conservatives who can’t stomach Donald Trump.  Just yesterday, for example, Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard announced he plans to vote for Johnson.

It appears that Johnson sees a richer vein to mine among Bernie Sanders supporters than among conservatives.  Reponding to a question from a #BlackLivesMatter supporter, he offered support.  Ryan Girduski of RedAlertPolitics reports:

At the CNN Libertarian Party Town Hall on Wednesday, Johnson praised the efforts of Black Lives Matter and endorsed the organization.

Speaking to a Black Lives Matter protestor and registered Democrat who was shot in the leg during a march, Johnson said, “What it has done for me is that my head has been in the sand on this,” Johnson said. “I think that we’ve all had our heads in the sand and lets wake up. Discrimination does exist, has existed, and for me personally, um, slap, slap, wake up.”

Watch the exchange with a BLM supporter here:

Running mate William Weld offered more:’

“[Young black men] are four times as likely to be incarcerated if they have intersection with law enforcement as white people are, their educational opportunities are not there, we have to get them into education and concentrate the power of the government to make sure there are jobs available for them,” Weld said. “When there’s a national emergency the government has to respond, libertarian or no libertarian.”

I am hopeful Johnson and Jill Stein will both go after Hillary supporters. Just this morning, I saw the first Jill Stein commercial I have ever seen on cable TV, on Morning Joe on MSNBC.