Minneapolistan: 11th Somali immigrant in Minneapolis charged with aiding ISIS

Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, a Somali immigrant, became the 11th Minneapolis man to be charged with giving material support to the Islamic State.

Roble is thought to be in Syria fighting with ISIS.  His uncle, who was tried in abstentia and convicted, was also thought to be in Syria but is rumored to have been killed.  Nine other Somalis have been sentenced to jail terms of varying lengths.

Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, the young I-35 bridge collapse survivor thought to have used thousands of dollars in settlement money to travel to Syria and join ISIL, has become the 11th Twin Cities man charged with providing support to the terror group.

Roble was 10 years old when he became one of 145 people injured in the August 2007 bridge collapse. He collected $91,654 in settlement money on his 18th birthday. According to federal charges filed Wednesday, those funds financed his 2014 travel to join the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and helped pay for cars and weddings for fellow jihadists in Syria.

Federal authorities believe that Roble, who previously lived in south Minneapolis, is still alive in Syria.

The charges are part of an ongoing FBI investigation into terrorism recruitment in the Twin Cities Somali-American community. Nine other young Twin Cities men await sentencing after being convicted on charges related to their own attempts to join ISIL abroad.

Until Wednesday, Abdi Nur, who is Roble’s uncle, was the only man in the case charged in absentia after making it to Syria. According to testimony at the May trial of three co-defendants, Nur is believed to have since been killed while fighting for ISIL, although his death has not been publicly confirmed.

Roble, 20, is charged in the complaint with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIL, for travel preparation in August 2014, and with providing material support to the organization when he allegedly crossed into Syria in December 2014.

Roble spent money freely when he traveled first to China, then Turkey, and finally Syria.  He bought cars and electronics for fellow jihadists and even financed a few weddings.

It doesn't appear that Roble was ever "radicalized," or if he was, there is no discernible transition from peaceful Muslim to warrior for god.

Roble's indictment raises troubling questions for the largest Somali community in America.  If there are 11 ISIS supporters we know about, how many are there that we don't know about?  If there are, indeed, many more radical ISIS supporters in that community, it shows that authorities are getting little if any assistance from leaders in the Somali community.  These terrorists were not turned in voluntarily by Somalis.  They were secretly recorded by another Somali who turned informant after being arrested.

None if this reassuring if you're living in the Twin Cities. 

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