Media coverage of Milwaukee riots takes a detour

Milwaukee became the latest city to erupt in violence fueled by rage toward white people and law enforcement along with, quite likely, some usual suspects of outside agitators, when an officer (who, by the way, is black) shot and killed a black suspect this weekend.  A 14-paragraph Reuters article notes the following:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker activated the National Guard on Sunday to assist should further riots erupt in Milwaukee over the police killing of an armed suspect in a predominantly black neighborhood. [snip]

Walker announced the action after a request from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, nationally known as a conservative voice in Republican politics, who met with Walker and Wisconsin National Guard Adjutant General Donald Dunbar. [snip]

Clarke, who endorsed U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention last month, has in the past advised residents to arm themselves against criminals. An African American, he has publicly opposed Black Lives Matter.

There’s nothing subtle going on here. Reuters decided that part of the story should be Clarke’s political leanings, including his endorsement of Donald Trump, not to mention the nerve of being a black man who opposes Black Lives Matter.

Have you ever heard members of the media talk about how failed cities across the country are, just-as-a-nonchalant-point-of-interest, run by Democrats?  Ever heard them make mention, you know, as a quick aside, that the mayor of Milwaukee and the city alderman for the district where rioting unfolded are both Democrats who, I presume, support a felon for president?  (Here, here, here, here, here, and video here.)

I didn’t think so.

God bless Sheriff Clarke.  He represents all that is right and great about America.

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