Is it time for Jonah Goldberg to reconsider Trump?

In his August 13 "Pivot? What Pivot?" G-letter at, Jonah Goldberg offered to reconsider his #NeverTrump position:

Do you think Trump is lying when he says he could be presidential if he wanted to? If so, isn’t that a source of concern? I mean, if he can’t act presidential for 24 hours as a candidate, are you confident he can be presidential for four years? Why not publicly ask him to try to be a serious person for a week? Let’s see if he can do that. Hey, I’ll tell you what. If he can manage that I’ll reconsider my #NeverTrump position.

It’s been over a week.  We’ve seen Trump deliver several excellent addresses and do something the president is too busy golfing to do: visit and show support for the Louisiana flood victims.  Even when goaded by the press while handing out supplies, Trump stated he was just there to help.  By all estimations, Donald Trump has been a serious person and a serious candidate for well over a week.

How about it, Jonah?  Hop on the Trump Train and keep a liar and a crook out of the White House.

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