Is Hillary constantly accompanied by a medic with an anti-seizure injection at the ready?

See also: Hillary’s health may be the sleeper issue of the election A stunning charge is being leveled that Hillary Clinton’s health is so endangered that she is accompanied by a medic carrying an injection pen with an anti-seizure drug at the ready.  And photographs are being presented as evidence of the practice. Honestly, I had never before heard of the site The Ralph Retort before, so I must proceed with a skeptical eye and allow for the possibility of manipulated evidence.  Nonetheless, unless we are being deceived by PhotoShopping techniques, this looks awfully compelling. First, take a look at the man on the right, wearing a lapel pin and carrying something: This tweet from “Azusa” alleges he is carrying Diazepam (aka Valium): Secret Service agent was carrying an auto-injector with Diazepam — Azusa (@PositiveInt) August 8, 2016 Mike Cernovich alleges the badge being...(Read Full Post)