Iran just learned the asking price for an American hostage

We just learned that Obama gave Iran $400 million to ransom four Americans.  The  Democrats and their media went ballistic in accusing Ronald Reagan of trading arms for hostages and wanted to impeach him.  With Obama, the mainstream media yawned and returned to attack Trump on the Khan story. Aside from setting a precedent that we will pay at least $100 million for a kidnapped American, which will endanger more Americans, Iran now has another $400 million to fund terrorism, in addition to the $150 billion Obama gave Iran as part of the nuclear deal.  There is no question that Iran has been the major source of funding for Hamas, Hezb'allah, and other terrorist groups.  Iran has promised to destroy Israel.  Americans and Israelis and others have died as a result of the Iranian funding of terrorism.  After we gave Iran all it wanted on the nuclear deal, Iran hijacked one of our Navy ships and humiliated our sailors.  John Kerry then...(Read Full Post)