Hillary's well guarded wall

While Hillary Clinton and her supporters mock Donald Trump's prime presidential plank of building a wall to keep out illegal aliens (not "undocumented immigrants") and deport those who violate it (yeah, he's apparently flip-flopping about this already), Hillary has already constructed an effective barrier against undocumented journalists – i.e., unfriendly reporters who don't promote her candidacy under the guise of neutral reporting.  As Charlie Malone of the British (naturally not American) Daily Mail reveals:

In Provincetown, Massachusetts yesterday, five reporters crowded into the corner of a parking lot, clinging to a chain link fence as they tried to catch her speech to a crowd of about 1,000 supporters.

Over the weekend the candidate has wined and dined in the summer playground of the East Coast's moneyed elite. 

She has spoken to more than 2,200 campaign donors but what she told her supporters remains a mystery. (snip)

Clinton's campaign does release limited details about her events, naming the hosts, how many people attended and how much they gave. (snip)

Even some Democrats privately acknowledge that Clinton's penchant for secrecy is a liability, given voters continued doubts about her honesty.

While Clinton will occasionally take questions from reporters at campaign stops, she has not held a full-fledged news conference in more than 260 days whereas Trump has held several. 

She refuses to release the transcripts of dozens of closed-door speeches she delivered to companies and business associations after leaving the State Department, despite significant bipartisan criticism.

And since announcing her presidential bid in April 2015, Clinton has held around 300 fundraising events — only around five have been open to any kind of news coverage.

'It does feed this rap about being secretive and being suspicious,' said GOP strategist Whit Ayers.

And if a reporter, especially an unfriendly one, did manage to sneak in to the fundraiser and demand all the entitlements, but not responsibilities, of the legal citizens, uh, guests he would not be granted affirmative action guest status, but would be immediately deported, uh, thrown out and probably jailed.  

But...on the reassuring side (not!), we do know that Ms. Clinton can open a pre-opened (what? you don't think it was?) pickle jar on national television – a skill vitally necessary as President of the USA.  She can use the jars to build more walls.