Hillary's going to need a little help to pull this one out

Obama promised in 2008 that he would fundamentally transform our country.  He has kept that promise and is campaigning furiously to elect Hillary as his third term.  He does not want Donald Trump to undo what he considers his accomplishments. His fundamental transformation is that he doubled the deficit to $20 trillion.  He appointed two solid left-wing justices, Kagan and the Wise Latina, to the Supreme Court.  He needs Hillary to appoint Justice Antonin Scalia's replacement plus probably two more who would give the lefties a 20- to 30-year majority on the Court.  You can be sure that the Obama-Hillary court would uphold every regulation of firearms that would render the Second Amendment meaningless.  A Trump presidency would end the lefties' dream to control the Court. Next, Obama ruled by executive orders, as in amnesty, allowing sanctuary cities, and suing states such as Arizona that tried to enforce the border.  Trump can undo...(Read Full Post)