Hillary: ‘Don’t let anyone tell you corporations create jobs’

Remember this lame-brain comment by Hillary?  Are the Trump people missing this?  I haven’t seen or heard the Trump camp pick up on this bizarre comment. Hillary, in this video, said, “Don’t let anyone tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs.” The comment is so patently absurd that explanation is not necessary.  She is disconnected from the real world, understandably so.   Spending her life working the systems of government and foundations sheltered her from the inner workings of true capitalism.   Entrepreneurship in her world is filling up Bill’s speaking calendar. Are we to assume, per Hillary’s comment, that only the government via postal services, municipalities, etc. can the fountainhead of job creation? The top economists at Goldman Sachs who attended Hillary’s speeches must have been surprised at her feeble understanding of economics.  In the real world, such drivel would...(Read Full Post)