Green Party nominee Jill Stein ‘will have trouble sleeping if Hillary Clinton is elected’

Among a number of reasons why this election is unpredictable is the possibility that the third party vote will be decisive.  Largely forgotten in this election cycle is the role Ross Perot played as a third-party candidate in electing Bill Clinton for his first term in office.  This time, we have two “third party” candidates with significant enough backing to register in the polls.  Evan McMullin is another third-party candidate who has yet to make a mark in national polling.

There is significant resistance to Hillary Clinton among the left-leaning electorate.  With the media focused on finding fault with Donald Trump, the degree of resistance to Hillary receives inadequate attention.

But make no mistake: other than the aging feminist claque and the Clinton Machine, Hillary is not well liked.  And there is a noteworthy resistance.  For example, Green Party nominee Jill Stein:

I will have trouble sleeping at night if Donald Trump is elected. I will also have trouble sleeping at night if Hillary Clinton is elected. And as despicable as Donald Trump’s words are, I find Hillary Clinton’s actions and track record is very troubling. So Donald Trump, you know, bashes immigrants and is a xenophobic and racist loud mouth but, you know, Hillary Clinton has been promoting these wars that have killed a million black and brown people in Iraq ...

With scandals still unfolding revealing Hillary’s duplicity, and with the media continuing to write off Trump, there is a possibility that Stein and Gary Johnson (who has been going all out to appeal to the left, not conservatives) could pull away enough votes from Hillary to swing the election to Trump – unless, of course, McMullin and the Never Trumps succeeded and throw the nation into the clutches of Hillary and the Democrats.

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