Germany devises quick fix to thwart sexual assault

Germany’s a mess thanks to Angela Merkel and others who breathlessly embrace those who wish to destroy the country – killing, raping, and wreaking all manner of havoc as they go.  No matter how much violence Muslim imports heap upon the populace, immigration policy does not shift.  The policy seems to be founded on the idea that the sooner the country can be destroyed, the better. Go figure. Among countless issues along the path to hell is that of rising sexual assault perpetuated by Muslim barbarians against German women and girls. But not to worry.  Germany has devised an answer to nip this escalating problem in the bud: temporary tattoos. Yes, that’s right.  Temporary tattoos are being placed on the arms of young girls in public swimming polls to fend off would-be attackers.  The terrifying tattoo says: “No!”  The potentially life-saving message (/s) is bracketed by an image of angel wings. If only...(Read Full Post)