Gays, Hillary, the Democrats, and sharia

P.T. Barnum uttered one of America’s great folk insights: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Ah, if Mr. Barnum were only alive today. One of the Democrat’s most loyal contingents apparently places their political leanings above their own lives.  Now that is party loyalty! 

Or as Mr. Barnum might see it, is that insanity? One candidate in this election -- Hillary -- has as her most trusted aide a woman associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. One party, the Democrats, supports a vast increase in Muslim immigration into the U.S. One major world religion pushes gays off the top of multistory buildings – Islam.

If you are gay -- or if your son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin is gay, just perhaps you may want to rethink your vote.  What is your greatest concern -- LGBT public restrooms or the right to your own life?  Do you actually think that the Orlando night club shooting was a one-and-done?  Or perhaps you think that this might just be the forerunner of things to come?  Do you believe the mainstream media’s contrived distraction that the shooter/murderer was “crazy” or do you prefer to go with the facts -- that he was a radical Moslem?

This election may be close. Gays, and their families, may be the pivotal voting bloc in pivotal states.  If so, ask yourself, what actually is more important than your life? How long will you last in a Sharia-dominated community? While Democrats are out on the stump crying about public restrooms and your favorite PBS show is preaching to you about your divine right to be married, ask yourself very quietly, very deeply, which side is more likely to keep you alive?

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