Dr. Drew loses his CNN show a week after questioning Hillary’s health

The American media is now on notice. If you hit Hillary where it hurts, you will regret it, as the Age of Hillary is upon us.  In The Game of Thrones, the message is delivered by placing a head on a pike (and making the head look like George W. Bush – this is a Time/Warner property, after all, just like CNN and Headline News).  But in the real life Game of Clintons, they use other warnings. New Rules are in effect. Dr. Drew Pinsky raised a lot of eyebrows a week ago when he said he was gravely concerned over Hillary Clinton’s health in an interview on KABC-AM radio. The interview went viral, and was taken down by the station (but a transcript lives on, courtesy of the Free Beacon). So the message had to be delivered in way tht would chill everyone who might think about revealing inconvenient truths. So, as Fred Barbash of the WaPo put it: Dr. Drew Pinsky’s six-year-old HLN show, called “Dr. Drew On Call” has been canceled by CNN,...(Read Full Post)