Donald Trump’s ‘un-presidential’ moment on Fox & Friends today

Speaking by phone to FNC’s Fox & Friends this morning, Donald Trump demonstrated why he is so threatening to so many people in the political and economic establishments – by telling the truth as he sees it.  He did something that no president (up to now) ever would do.

Asked about the stock market, Trump said that he would not put his money into it, and he discussed how low interest rates (he used the expression “free money”) have created a stock market bubble.

Any president who talked down the stock market this way would be tagged with responsibility for the collapse of that bubble.  Anyone who lost any money on a declining share price could blame the president.  That is why no president would ever say that the market is in a bubble or say that he would not advise putting money into stocks.

I don’t think Trump’s views on the market are terribly controversial.  He told the truth as he sees it.  It is the type of advice he no doubt gives in private, and here he is, sharing it with the American people.

The real question is, can America handle the truth from a presidential candidate, rather than carefully strategized verbiage?

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