Community disorganizers literally destroying our veterans

Barack Obama used to introduce himself as a "community organizer."  Armed with presidential power, he has undoubtedly and aggressively promoted his favored groups, but his "transformational" endeavors were aimed at his cultural and societal pet hates.

On domestic grounds, veterans become the targeted population from the git-go.

Operation PTSD kicked in, stipulating that combat makes everyone somewhat impaired to justify yanking weapons from the most deserving hands of "potentially deranged" potential dissidents.

We barely had time to say "Whiskey, Tango, Feinstein"  before Barack Hood and the Merry Men started "sharing the wealth" of our homeless veterans, overturning the decisions of the court and making sure that the rich and the powerful enjoy property inherited exclusively by our shelterless and wounded heroes.

While the commander-in-chief emoted on "great diversity and racial equality," our veterans did face homelessness with "equal opportunity" – the young and the elderly eating from garbage cans, women and men exposed to hate crimes, the traumatized and disabled fined by police for sleeping in "public space."  Black, white, Native American warriors united in suffering, scattered on the mean streets.

 "U.N. torture experts" have constantly worried about conditions in Guantanamo.  In his "Remarks on Plan to Close the Prison at Guantanamo Bay" (February 23, 2016), Obama announced that "keeping this facility open is contrary to our values."  According to whose values and conforming to what international agreement on POWs human rights is it O.K. to turn American veterans into a "vulnerable population" living in settings worse than a prisoners' camp?

Questionably "honorable" VA secretary McDonald joined the veterans' Community Disorganizers Club on July 7, 2014. With the American military elite already "improved" by Obama´s administration, the VA had its "purge," too – but these were whistleblowers, not the bad workers who were to suffer the most.  Elegantly fired from Proctor & Gamble, the VA secretary showed a rare talent for blowing billions and simultaneously making the worst of departments even worse.  Not only do the ex-soldiers enjoy lethally long waiting lists for care, but recently our elderly veterans have been offered handcuffs by the VA police because they won't stop to cherish the American flag...and because they will never abandon a homeless brother...

While the American Legion is hosting its 98th lavish National Convention, with Hillary Clinton and Robert McDonald as guests, on Wednesday, August 31, the veteran community has been struck with "yet another" unglamorous tragedy:  our "yet another" 76-year-old veteran shot himself on August 21 after being denied care.

Hello, American Legion!  On behalf of those who grieve, I demand that you find time during festivities for a minute not of silence, but of wrath over the ongoing veterancide and harassment.  Veterans' lives matter, don't they?

In America, an "ideology "tried to "kill the Indian" and "save the child"...and yet another one attempted to "transform" the veterans' community.  Well, some people will tell you what they think about it in Dine bizaad, some in Lakhotiya, and some in veteran: America still speaks Warrior.

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