Clinton's new strategy: I may be a crook, but he is a racist

What exactly made the Clinton campaign go "race card" on Trump?  

It seems a bit early for such a card.  After all, isn't Hillary supposed to be leading by 10 points and headed for a landslide?   

Do you recall Reagan '84, Nixon '72, or even Clinton '96 sounding so desperate or attacking his opponents like this?  They usually said little or had their helpers engage in attacks.

So what's going on? Let me give you a couple of theories:

1) The Clinton campaign must have internal polling that it is a lot closer than the national polls suggest, or at least some information that her lead is melting because of all the bad news.  They may also (and that's speculation on my part) have polling that shows that there is zero excitement in the black communities for her campaign.  In other words, she will get 90%, but the turnout may be very low!  I remember analyzing the 2016 Texas primary on Telemundo Dallas last spring, and we spent much of the night talking about the lousy Hispanic turnout.  Excitement and Hillary Clinton do not go together!

2) The Clinton campaign may fear some bad news coming.  Julian Assange told the media that bad stuff is coming.  He may be bluffing or engaging in self-promotion.  However, the recent AP story suggests that Assange may put the bow on this scandal.  My guess is that some emails may confirm that the State Department and the Clinton Foundation were just a bit too close for comfort.  At some point, even the friendly media will call on her to answer some questions!

It's hard to believe that the Clintons would have a private server, delete emails, and hide everything because they are stupid, as Charles Krauthammer wrote.  There is something this couple is hiding.  Why so much secrecy about emails between a mother and a daughter about to get married?

So put me down as someone who believes that there is big news coming.  We may be about to have the mother of all October surprises.

Again, why play the race card now?  I think that the new strategy will be to work on energizing the Obama coalition by saying this: I may be crooked, but he is a racist!  

What else do you do when you are crooked?  I guess you scare your base that a racist is worse than a woman who can't tell the truth or puts our national security at risk.

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