Clinton says voter ID laws worst voter 'suppression' since 'Jim Crow'

In a statement marking the 51st anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act, Hillary Clinton said that the US was witnessing the "most systematic effort to curtail those rights since the era of Jim Crow." 

The Hill:

The Democratic presidential nominee praised a court decision that struck down a voter ID law in North Carolina last week and similar efforts in Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, North Dakota, and Kansas.

This November, the notion that every American has a voice in shaping our future is at stake.Donald Trump supports discriminatory voting restrictions — and actually claims that without them in place, the results of American elections should be questioned. It’s a dangerous attempt to undermine the legitimacy of our democracy," Clinton said. 

“I have a very different view. I believe America is stronger when we expand access to the ballot box, not restrict it. That's why I’ll fight to repair the Voting Rights Act, expand early voting, and introduce universal, automatic voter registration."

President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law on August 6, 1965. The law was meant to prohibit state and local governments to block African Americans from voting.

This is utter nonsense and Clinton knows it. Jim Crow era voting restrictions, including literacy tests, citizenship tests, and poll taxes were all designed to keep blacks from voting. Voter ID laws are there for the purpose of making sure all votes from all citizens count equally. 

But telling the truth about voter ID laws just doesn't have the same impact as trying to scare black and hispanic people into voting Democratic by suggesting evil Republicans want to take away their right to vote. 

Calling voter ID laws "voter suppression" is spin, not reality. The mythical "burden" placed on minorities, the young, and seniors in acquiring ID doesn't stand up to scrutiny. The people who have trouble getting legit ID - illegal aliens for one - can't vote anyway. 

What's really needed to root out voter fraud is a reform of state voter rolls. Voter registration is a mess with thousands of people in every state still being carried as registered voters even though they're dead, or moved out of state, or are ineligible in some other way. When rolls of registered voters match the voters at individual polling places, verification becomes a snap and the problem of voter fraud is virtually solved.

It's idiotic for Clinton to bring up Jim Crow "voter suppression" when the goal is voter integrity.