Bill Clinton's take from for-profit college over 5 years: $17.5 million

Bill Clinton was paid $1 million in 2015 by Laureate University, an educational institution with branches around the world.  American Thinker has previously reported on this relationship between Clinton and the college, as well as the school's flawed bookkeeping that got the college in trouble with the SEC.

All told, over the last five years, Bill Clinton was paid $17.5 million.  His position?  "Honorary chancellor," where he acted as an adviser and goodwill ambassador.

Editor Lifson questioned the relationship:

Why on Earth would a company with huge financial backing have faulty control (internal accounting) systems?  These are not underfunded amateurs.  I am deeply suspicious that the systems were designed in order to conceal, not inform.  The money paid to both Clintons as community property and to the foundation they control looks a lot like the purchase of influence and reputation out in the open.  There may well be officials in the 28 countries where Laureate operates whose influence and prestige (among other things) would be helpful to Laureate but who lack the ability to be so open about the transaction.

In addition to the millions paid to Clinton, Laureate turned around and donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.  Taken with the problems with record-keeping, you have to wonder whether Laureate is one gigantic scam where rich people buy power and influence using the Clintons' vast global reach to futher enrich themselves.

Laureate says that its international operations represent the largest global network of degree-granting universities in the world, enrolling more than 1 million students across 28 countries. In the United States, the company owns Walden University, a Minneapolis-based online school that the Education Department has placed on a list of colleges that officials are more closely monitoring because of concerns over its “financial responsibility.”

Something smells when a multi-billion-dollar educational institution can't account for where its money is going.  All the more reason for investigators to look into the incestuous relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton and the for-profit college.

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