A little perspective on Trump’s gaffes, please

OK, we all remember (those of us who have an attention span beyond today's news cycle) when Barack Obama pronounced "corpsman" as "corpse-man", or when, on Memorial Day 2008, he said he saw some of those being honored right there in his audience (prompting several wags to quip, "Obama sees dead people").

But just the other day Donald Trump made what seems like a great stride in the race to say things that indicate a stunning stupidity about military matters. His supporters cringed and his opponents attacked.

When presented by a veteran with that vet's very own Purple Heart as a symbol of the vet's support, Trump said, "I always wanted to get the Purple Heart." Really, Donald? Do you really understand what the Purple Heart is all about? I can't imagine anyone actually "wanting" to get the Purple Heart, considering that one must be wounded (or killed) while serving in order to for it to be awarded.

I couldn't imagine anyone who had ever served ever actually wanting to be awarded the Purple Heart. Ah, but then I thought of the one notable exception: John Kerry!

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