You think Google may be biased?

I decided to clean out my email trash, and after completing the task, I turned to my spam to do the same.  But upon clicking into that folder, I made the interesting discovery that almost all of the emails relegated to spam by Gmail's filters (I have no personal filters in place) had a common thread: Almost all were from conservative sources.  In fact, ninety percent of them were from Republican or conservative causes, most seeking contributions.  Here are the first twenty emails in queue, and you can see that all but two are of a conservative political nature.

  1. Republican Trust
  2. Craftsman Club
  5. Republican Trust
  7. American Update
  8. Li-Ion Batteries Indirec.
  9. Ed Rollins Great America PAC
  10. Conservative Newsstand
  11. Eric Trump
  12. Republican Trust
  13. Conservative Newsstand
  14. Conservatives of America
  15. Republican Trust
  16. Conservative Newsstand
  17. Republican Trust
  18. Kris Paronto, Benghazi H.
  19. Conservative Alerts
  20. Republican Trust

That pattern generally held true throughout the few hundred emails in my spam folder.

If you are among the many millions of Gmail users who happen to be conservative, you might want to check your own spam folders.  If my case is symptomatic of a widespread trend, then that may well point to a policy on the part of Google that reflects not only leftist political bias, but also a deliberate attempt to suppress Republican and conservative fundraising, just as Lois Lerner and the IRS did.  In this case, however, such suppression by a corporation rather than a government bureau may be actionable in civil courts, with substantial damages provable by plaintiffs.

Worse than civil damages is how this demonstrates the powerful hidden forces the Democrats have arrayed against Republican candidates and the substantial impact such unacknowledged forces can have on our national politics.  Check your Gmail spam folders, and see if your mail is being sorted for you by Google.