Uh-oh! DC Circuit Court of Appeals issues ruling that could force more Hillary email disclosures

Just when Hillary thought she was going to skate on her obvious criminal violations of national security laws, the nation’s second highest court has issued a ruling that could cause big trouble for her.  The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ranks just below the Supreme Court, since its jurisdiction extends to the federal government agencies in the nation’s capital.  Including the State Department.  It has just (via Brian Fung in the Washington Post): … held in its decision that work email stored privately is still subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. The whole point of FOIA, the court said, is to provide transparency on public officials' behavior while in office. Circumventing that by hosting government documents on non-governmental servers defeats that purpose, Judge David Sentelle said. In other words, work emails are work emails, no matter where they happen to live or who happens to control access to them. This is...(Read Full Post)