Ugly racial conflict looms among California Dem rivals

California Dems are at risk of a Hispanic-Black schism over the Senate nomination fight between members of two prized victim-interest-groups. Christopher Catelago of the Sacramento Bee reports:

Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez, in an interview with Univision 19 that aired this weekend, suggested that President Barack Obama’s endorsement of U.S. Senate rival Kamala Harris was in part based on race.

Sanchez was asked why the president had endorsed Harris in the unusual race between two Democrats this year. Speaking in Spanish, she noted that Obama and Harris are longtime friends, then added: “She is African American. He is, too.”

Democratic victory at the polls depends on Hispanics and blacks pretending they are not rivals for the same welfare state and affirmative action spoils. It depends on pretending the influx of unskilled labor from the south hasn’t depressed wages for blacks (and everyone else), with the gratest effect on the lower end of the wage scale. It depends on Hispanics not realizing that despite their greater numbers, they are junior members of the Alliance of the Aggrieved in the Democrats’ Grand Coalition.

There are many more Hispanics than Blacks in California. Sanchez may be onto something. Of course, she is denying everything:

Sanchez, in a statement after the interview aired, said she “in no way” implied or intended to imply Obama endorsed Harris for racial reasons. “I was stating the fact that the endorsement was based on their long-term political relationship,” she said.
Hat tip: iOTWReport