The dog that didn’t bark at the Democrats’ convention

If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were covering the Democratic National Convention, he could title his account “The Case of the Missing Claim.”   There was a conspicuous absence amidst all the praise heaped on Hillary Clinton.  Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart noticed:

After nearly three days of speeches and video propaganda one major part of Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton’s life’s work has gone virtually unmentioned during the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia. Even as speaker after speaker lauded Hillary’s career in public life, no mention of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation has been uttered from the dais.

It is true that for years we have heard of the “wonderful work” the Clinton Foundation does…something about poor people, AIDS, and so forth.  Best not to ask for any details, though.  Haiti does not seem to have benefited enormously from the billion dollars-plus said to have been raised for it.

Huston attributes the silence to “the wild success of the documentary film Clinton Cash.”

Maybe that is the trigger.  But this silence also indicates that the Dems realize that they have lost the argument on what used to be one of the biggest talking points of the Hillary-as-savior faction.

I think that the image of Clintons raising money ostensibly for poor people that ends up hiring private jets, luxury hotels, and paying political staff in the out years is fairly toxic for Hillary.  She is so unlikable that people can actually believe that she might be a big phony when she claims to be devoted to helping the poor but just accidentally ends up fabulously rich and living the jet-set high life.

The Democrats may have signaled their greatest vulnerability.