Selling the Orlando murders as a gun/gay issue

Truth and reality are our friends in the fight against the left.  They will be what eventually dooms the left, which is why the left is now so terrorized by them.

Look at Orlando.  The Obama administration and its sycophants in TV and print “journalism” have labored mightily in fact, desperately in the past two weeks to convince us that the Orlando shootings are a simple case of anti-gay/homophobe hatred fostered by “easy access” to guns.  One might think this is because the administration and the left are so wedded to LGBT rights and a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

This is true, but it is monumentally dwarfed by the real reason.  The real reason hangs above the heads of the left like a garlic clove at a vampire dress ball.  The issue that the left is desperate to avoid is simply that Islamic extremists are jubilant about massacring gays and that their religious underpinnings support it.  This pits the administration’s protected fair-haired child, Islam, against one of the left’s core support groups, gays.

There is real desperation to have American liberals not see the rotting corpse at their feet that they have lent their sympathy, understanding, and support to two irreconcilable, implacably opposite, cosmically opposed groups: gays and the followers of Mohammed.  The latter group is awake and aware of its goals and taste preferences.  But the left is desperate to keep the former group, gays, dreaming peacefully.  And one cannot argue that if one is carnivorous, it is good to keep the meat dish sleeping up until dinnertime.  We were incredulous as children to read of storybook characters that would blithely and blindly walk into a crocodile’s open mouth.  Yet here is the same in real life, right before our eyes.

Pass this along to anyone you know who is gay, the friend of gays, or the relative of gays.  The left is apparently just fine with sacrificing one of its favorites.  And it is not the group with the curved swords. 

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