SecState Kerry reduced to near incoherence when Jake Tapper challenges his claim ‘ISIS is on the run’

Did John Kerry assume that nobody would challenge him on the Obama administration’s stubborn claim that it is winning the fight against ISIS?  In the face of bloodshed at home from ISIS, the claim deserves questioning.  But somehow, John Kerry appeared to flounder when Jake Tapper of CNN presented an obvious critique to him.  Via Tim Hains of RCP:

In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper Sunday morning, Secretary of State John Kerry gave an assessment of how the war against ISIS is going.

"Daesh," Kerry said, referencing an alternative name for the group, "is under great, great pressure... They are shrinking. We’ve taken back 40 percent and 45 percent of the territory they held in Iraq and we’re squeezing town after town."

"With all due respect, sir," Tapper interjected. "I’m not sure it looks that way to the public that ISIS is on the run... In the last few weeks we have seen a series of ISIS inspired attacks and 49 killed in Orlando and 45 killed in Istanbul and more than 200 killed in Baghdad and 84 in Nice."

"It depends on where you mean ISIS," Kerry responded. "If you’re saying that one person standing up one day and killing people is a reflection of ISIS moving in Iraq and Syria, I think you’re dead wrong."

“It depends on where you mean ISIS” is not quite as bad as “It depends on what the meaning of is is,” but it is too close for comfort.

The babble from Kerry offers no response, much less comfort, to Americans worried about being mowed down by a truck at a beach, shopping mall, or other location not yet imagined.  Of course, the basic facts do not offer Kerry a lot of material to work with.  Obama pulled troops out of Iraq, allowing ISIS to rise, and now, instead of ending the war, Obama has succeeded in bringing the war to the Western countries.

Here is the video:

Ponder a moment the possibility that, but for the Swift Boat Veterans standing up and making their voices heard, Kerry might have been president.

Hat tip: iOTWReport