Report: FBI to interview Hillary today

Citing an anonymous source close to the investigation, The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reports that Hillary Clinton will be interviewed by the FBI today, probably at her Georgetown mansion in Washington, D.C.  While the bureau (and probably Mrs. Clinton) hoped to avoid public scrutiny, since the media would not normally be following her since she has no campaign events today, this report means that her house is already being staked out by media cameras for the arrival of the FBI team, on the assumption that this report is accurate.

The schedule shines light on the supposed-to-be secret meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch at Phoenix Airport.  That would have been the ex-president’s opportunity to let the attorney general know whatever message he might have had for her prior to his wife going on the record under penalty of perjury.  Even if the conversation was about grandkids, messages could have been sent.  “I bet you’d love to watch them grow up…” could send the message.

According to reports by Fox News’s Catherine Herridge, who has excellent contacts in the FBI, agents there were outraged by the Lynch meeting.  Any attempt to muzzle their questioning of Hillary Clinton would have reverberations.

My guess is that this report is true, and that the Democrats’ candidate will be asked many pointed questions, the answers to which will be compared to the testimony of her aides, to the emails recovered by the FBI, and to the other evidence the Bureau may have developed.

It will not be an easy day for Hillary.  But let’s see if the black SUVs start rolling up to Hillary’s D.C. mansion before we jump to any conclusions about what lies ahead.  I am suspicious that we are being played – as I always am when the Clintons are involved.