President Trump: Get used to it (as some of us have)

We'll be right.

When Donald Trump wins the presidency on Nov. 8, some of us can cheer our seer power.

Ann Coulter called Trump a lock atop the Paris slaughter of Nov. 13.

I guaranteed a Trump triumph way before the Muslim massacres in Europe and California – and wrote a column to make it official in February.

WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah recently predicted a Trump landslide of Reagan proportions.

Also the other day, Reagan: The Movie producer Mark Joseph said over lunch that he could see everything breaking for Trump at crunch time.

We're on the winning side.  Just as the rare Trumpeters of 2015 Jeff Lord, Charles Hurt, Michael Savage have enjoyed higher volume with TV and radio voices Gina Loudon, A.J. Delgado, Kayleigh McEnany, Laura Ingraham, Jesse Lee Peterson, Bill Mitchell, Tucker Carlson, Andrea Tantaros, Kim Guilfoyle, Pat Buchanan, Scottie Hughes, and Sean Hannity.

And yet.

The conservative holdouts are maddening.

Sure, Van Jones and Paul Begala will never leave the lefty reservation.

But GOP hands Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, S.E. Cupp?  Their conversion to Trump is slower than a Hillary fashion change.

Speaking of which, what do those righties want?  The pantsuit hag kicking down the Constitution and borders?

Evidently, such old-guard Republicans don't care if the White House stays flaming red.

Which leads Trump fans to ask: why?

What is it about Trump's dead-on positions that the George Will gang can't stomach?  What exactly don't they like about these?

  • Build the wall.
  • Stop the Muslim terror flood.
  • Kill Obamacare.
  • Erase Common Core.
  • Solidify gun rights.
  • Slash taxes.
  • U-turn inversions.
  • Paint the art of the trade deal.

In reality, Bill Kristol & Co. love Trump's takes.

What they can't stand is being wrong exactly how they've been for a year as Trump:

  • Announced his candidacy.
  • Won every debate.
  • Spelled out policy details such as how to fix the VA.
  • Drew expanding throngs.
  • Dominated the primaries.
  • Won the nomination in a delegate rout.

Charles Krauthammer and fellow travelers went down the Trump-can't-win path.  And can't handle getting exposed for such spectacular idiocy.

You know what's at the heart of conservatives' anti-Trump drumbeat?  Embarrassment.  People hate wiping egg off their faces.

I felt that in my office from the Summer of Trump through New Hampshire and Indiana.  Professional pundits full of themselves promised that Rubio would topple the real estate titan.

And when I stood tough with Trump, they dismissed me to cover up their humiliation.

As the faulty faction remains intransigent vs. Trump, these political nuts are looking more like the pouting Cruz.

Get over it, people.  Listen to Tennessee's Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who delivered a harsh counter in Cleveland:

Hurt feelings are not qualifiers for leadership.

Or for the last word in Coulter's new book: In Trump We Trust.

Bucky Fox is an author and editor in Southern California. 

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