Philly-area campgrounds overflowing with reservations by ‘Occupy DNC’ Bernie supporters planning demonstrations at Democrats’ convention

We already know that thugs plan to attack the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  Given the political violence already inflicted on Trump supporters in Chicago, San Jose, and elsewhere, worries are that the neo-brownshirts will attempt to wreak havoc on convention-goers.

But if you assume that the Dems will not face their own travails in Philadelphia, you don’t know Bernie Sanders supporters.  The D.C. Examiner reports:

Thousands of people who voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary are expected to fill campgrounds around the party's July convention for a movement to "Occupy the DNC."

"We are getting phone calls constantly," said Cheryl Robinson, who owns a stake in 200 short-term campsites at a Four Seasons in Pilesgrove, N.J. "A lot of times they don't want to let us know that they're Bernie supporters," she told the Associated Press. "We ask if they're coming for Occupy the DNC, and then they kind of giggle and embarrassedly say, 'Yes, we are.'" (snip)

She added that there is "no plan to turn anybody away," in spite of the fact that "tens of thousands" are expected to show. "They seem to be like old hippies, or young hippies if you will, just people who are just easygoing and laid-back," Robinson said. "One lady says 'all we're going to do is sing 'Kumbaya.'"

If things shape up according to these indicators, the nation will be treated to pictures of violence directed against GOP convention-goers and kumbaya being sung at Democrat convention-goers.  Knowing the media, the GOP will be blamed for the difference.