People, we are not in good hands

After the horrific terrorist attack in Istanbul, is there a sentient American remaining who thinks President Obama cares a whit about this global nightmare?  Clearly he does not.

When Obama does respond, generally days after the fact, he is relaxed, calm, and wholly unruffled.  These attacks do not bother him!  He thinks they are "incidents" that we can "absorb," acceptable collateral damage for a country that has so offended the Third World.  The dead and injured are out of his sight, out of mind.

There is something very wrong with this man.  He referenced the attack for a few moments yesterday from his summit in Ottawa, but it was climate change and monarch butterflies that energized him, not the loss of life and limb in Turkey. 

It is time for Americans to come to grips with the fact that we twice elected a man who lacks even the most basic gene for empathy – the kind of empathy most of us feel for an injured animal not our own.  He does not have normal emotional responses.  He does exhibit anger, but it is entirely reserved for his critics, for those who question his brilliance, his judgment, not for the vermin who have been slaughtering innocents across the Middle East and Africa and now Europe and America.

His "brilliance" is most certainly in question.  His judgment has been proved very, very flawed.  Americans are in more danger on our home turf than ever before.  The Middle East is a killing field.

Obama has betrayed Israel.  Meanwhile, the terrorists of the world are operating with seeming impunity.  They are most certainly here.  And that is not the only sign of Obama's lethal intent.

One of Obama's policies has been to release thousands of illegal alien criminals onto our streets, into our communities.  They go on to commit more murders, more crimes.  He does not ICE to deport them; he approves of sanctuary cities.  Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America (undocumented Democrat voters) have been invited to come here and are welcomed by this president, despite their attendant diseases and illiteracy.  He uses taxpayer dollars to settle them, to give them all manner of benefits.  He is bringing as many refugees from the Middle East as he can and is settling them in towns without consulting the residents or even their governors or mayors.  His judiciary thumbs its nose at those states who dare to resist the imposition of unvetted refugees on their communities.  And while the administration tries to control media reports of the resulting problems of the criminal behavior of some of these refugees, reports are seeping out to the public sphere.

Thankfully, the episodes of violence here have yet to be as numerous or as serious as in Germany or Sweden, or the other nations that have taken in hundreds of thousands of immigrants, but they are indicative of what is to come if Hillary Clinton becomes President.  She is campaigning on her promise to import tens of thousands more people from the Middle East.  Ninety-nine percent of them are Muslims who support sharia law.  That in itself does not indicate danger, but the ten percent among them who do intend violence threaten us all.  And of course we must all be disarmed and left without any means of defense against those who do mean us harm.  The left wants only the criminals to have guns.

Loretta Lynch, who was apparently a fine U.S. attorney for New York, has become a figure of ridicule as Obama's attorney general.  She was loath to admit that Orlando was about Islamic terrorism despite Omar Mateen's clear words to that effect.  After she redacted any words that indicated that Islam was his motive, she said we should combat terrorism with unity and love.  How can she be trusted?

She met privately with Bill Clinton recently on a plane in Phoenix.  She insisted that this was not inappropriate.  (Did he promise her a few million dollars in a Swiss account if she does not indict Hillary?) 

John Kerry represents another level of lunacy altogether.  The more people ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, etc. murder in the most gruesome, barbaric ways, the more they embark on their genocidal campaign against any and all infidels, the more territory they claim, the more Kerry tells us how desperate they are because they are losing!  The man is an incompetent idiot.  Like his oligarchal pals here and the Remainers in the U.K., he assumes we peons are all stupid and easily duped, that we do not believe our own eyes and ears, that only elites like himself are fit to lead and to prescribe how we will live and who will be our neighbors.

These people – Kerry, Lynch, Obama, Clinton – do not lead.  They work only to impose their version of Marxism on us all and to maintain their positions of power and prestige.

Secretary of Defense Carter is proud to announce the new policy of welcoming men who think they are women (and vice versa) into our military, which would obviously put them in the gravest danger in a war against radical Islamists.  This is consistent with Obama's diversity-above-all agenda, no matter how insane – as insane as mandating restroom use to accommodate a tiny groups of persons who suffer from gender dysphoria, a mandate that will surely be abused by perverts.

We are not in good hands.

We are living in disorienting times, thanks to a president and a radicalized left that have lost any semblance of common sense.  Obama's promised "transformation of America" has been largely accomplished: gay marriage, unrestricted abortion, erasure of gender, the eradication of free speech on university campuses, the criminalization of some speech, the mystification of math by Common Core, the wholesale abrogation of the Constitution, the facilitation of terrorism by refusing to name it, the destruction of our medical system, the imposition of thousands of regulations on small businesses that they cannot afford.

This has happened with the willing acquiescence of the Republican establishment.  We have them to thank for the candidacy of Donald Trump.  We are not in good hands, people.