Our government is officially a crime syndicate

After laying out a long list of her many lies and prosecutable crimes – gross negligence with regard to national security being the most profound – FBI director Comey said "no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges" against Hillary Clinton.  He said she did not have any "intent" to put the nation at risk.

No intent!  Four private servers for her government business does not qualify as intent to deceive?  She did what she did to keep her illegal wheeling and dealing out of the hands of any law enforcement agency, and she succeeded.  She most certainly did put the nation at risk.  It will take years to discover to what degree national security has been endangered.  As Bill Ayers put it, "[g]uilty as sin, free as a bird...what a country."

No one should be shocked by this turn of events.  Just as John Roberts upended the Constitution to proclaim Obamacare legal, just as Eric Holder refused to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation or turn over Fast and Furious documents, just as Comey declined to prosecute Lois Lerner for her many, many crimes, the men and women of position in D.C. long ago sold their souls for the power to preserve each other's power, no matter what crimes they commit in furtherance of their personal agendas and greed.  This is how they roll, all of them.  People who challenge this status quo, like Ted Cruz, are relentlessly maligned by an unprincipled media who in mind-numbed fashion effectively destroy any persons of character who wander onto their playground.  (It was Ted Cruz who said, "Hillary embodies the corruption of Washington."  She does indeed.)

For months, the punditry on both sides of the ideological divide has been touting Comey's impartiality, his commitment to the law.  They said he is a "straight shooter."  So much for their misplaced faith in his character.  Like most everyone else with substantial political power in D.C., he has abused his.

We can now conclude that the FBI is as politicized as the DOJ.  (Just what did Bill Clinton say to Loretta Lynch that day?)  Now we know for sure that neither agency can be trusted to uphold the law.

The left, of course, is celebrating Comey's decision; they care not a bit that their candidate for the presidency has no regard for the truth or the law.  The left stopped caring about character and the truth when they elected LBJ.  Comey is just the latest consigliere in service to this criminal administration.  Someone made him an offer he could not refuse.

If it is true that some of the top-secret emails on her personal server were sent between the President and Ms. Clinton, then the outcome of this case was decided long ago, and there was no legitimate "investigation."  The fix was in from the beginning.  Obama was not going to pulled into a Clinton scandal.  Comey deemed crimes and lies unworthy of indictment, but he seemed to say that the rest of us should not feel similarly free to operate as Ms. Clinton has.  We would be prosecuted.  He essentially admitted that she is above the law. 

Despite Comey's capitulation to the Clintons' wealth and power, it should be obvious to every American voter that she is thoroughly unfit to hold any office, let alone the highest office in the land.  Those emails are most likely in the hands of Putin, China, and the mullahs of Iran.  Those powers that be will surely exert undue influence over her if she inhabits the White House.  To what ends?  Theirs.

So as dispiriting as Comey's lack of fortitude is to lawful Americans, let us hope the voters will demonstrate their contempt for such blatant disregard for the law and national security.  Donald Trump may not be anyone's idea of a perfect candidate, but he is not Hillary.  At this point, that is all that matters.  She cannot gain more power than she already wields.  Barack Obama has done terrible damage to the nation in his seven and a half years.  If elected, she will do much, much more, this woman who has become a multi-millionaire pre-selling her influence to foreign countries and countless other donors of dubious moral nature. 

Joe Biden once said, "Corruption is just another form of tyranny."  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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