Only a Democrat could believe Hillary

Hillary said our economy is not working because our democracy is not working.  Our democracy is not working because of the money in politics allowed by the Supreme Court case of Citizens United, which held that corporations and unions have First Amendment rights to influence elections.  She will appoint Supreme Court justices who will  overrule Citizens United, and if that fails, then she will pass a constitutional amendment to get rid of Citizens United

It is too bad Obama did not think of this.  He could have made the economy work if only he had gotten rid of Citizens United

Next, Hillary said all her programs will be paid for – by taxing the rich, because that is where the money is, and she will follow the money.  This may be the only true statement she made.  She knows where the money is, and she has followed it to accumulate $200 million during the past 15 years, giving speeches at $500K per speech.

She did call for no wall on the southern border and a path to citizenship for all illegals – in other words, amnesty and open borders.

Next she said the president must respect the military.  She did so in Benghazi by failing to provide the requested security, and failing to respond during the attack, and then by lying to the families by telling them that the attack was caused by a  video.

Hillary said Trump is in the pocket of the gun lobby, which means those who support the Second Amendment.  She will pass laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.  Well, criminals already are not permitted to purchase guns.

All this from someone who just barely escaped indictment because the FBI's Comey chickened out.  Here is a woman who covered up the rape of Juanita Broaddrick by her husband, Bill, who will be known as the First Defendant if, God forbid, Hillary wins.

There is not enough space to catalogue the lying in Whitewater, evading sniper fire in Bosnia, making $100K in cattle futures by reading the Wall Street Journal, selling pardons, endangering our national security by her private email server, lying as spelled out by Comey, etc.

Only a Democrat could believe this gibberish.

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