Oh no! David Axelrod clues in Hillary to stop that annoying ‘bobblehead’ nodding of her head

Herself is getting good advice from one of her partisans unafraid to give honest feedback to Hillary.  That’s a bad sign for Republicans, because the extraordinary fear of annoying Hillary among her sycophants has prevented her from getting honest feedback.

David Axelrod owes nothing to Hillary and her machine.  As the man who guided Barack Obama’s career to the presidency, he has an independent base of power.  In order to preserve his old boss’s legacy, he wants Hillary to win, but obviously he has no compunction about being honest when it comes to her annoying habits. He tweeted:

This lèse-majesté did not go over well with Hillary’s lickspittles.  Kim Jansen of the Chicago Tribune reports:

Axelrod's tweet drew criticism from Clinton supporters online, who argued that as a woman, Clinton is subjected to unfair demands that she simultaneously appear more natural and curb her less telegenic mannerisms.

Chicago-based Democratic strategist Eric Adelstein, who is working with Super PACs that back Clinton but not with the Clinton campaign itself, said that "by her own admission" Clinton's strength is not appearing onstage in front of large crowds. While Adelstein was careful not to criticize Axelrod, he said "women are held to a different standard in a lot of ways."

"Stylistic stuff has always mattered in politics, but when you're the first woman to be the presidential nominee, that's amplified," Adelstein said.

It appears to me that Hillary has been working to keep her voice level below full shriek.  But of course, when she gets excited in front of a crowd, she can’t help herself.  The bobblehead is also unconscious and will be hard to stop.  But Hillary appears to be disciplined, and she has a much more relaxed schedule of appearances than Trump.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

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